Body Sculpture BC6510 Exercise Bike

There are exercise bikes, and then there are truly helpful exercise bikes. When it comes to providing maximum health benefits by offering a multitude of convenient and effective features, it’s not that easy to top the Body Sculpture BC6510 Exercise Bike. This bike is designed to sculpt your body into a leaner and fitter shape.

Whether you want to boost your fitness level without leaving the comforts of your own home or you want an easy yet effective way of burning off the calories, this particular exercise bike has what you need and more!

Body Sculpture Exercise Bike Features

First off, it offers super-smooth magnetic resistance which can be controlled from a console. It’s strong enough to be rated for up to a maximum user weight of 120 kilos, whereas other models are meant for those who weigh 100 kilos at the most. The high-quality saddle is fully adjustable (horizontally and vertically) so that you can get into a more proper and comfortable position.

In contrast to other machines, the Body Sculpture BC6510 Exercise Bike does not bombard your hips, knees and ankles with too much high impact. That should lessen your joint pains and injuries. Finally, it is also compliant with the EN957 European Safety guideline.

Using the Body Sculpture BC6510 Exercise Bike

When it comes to exercise bikes, the two main components you need to check are varying resistance levels and adequate computer monitors. The Body Sculpture BC6510 Exercise Bike has those in spades. It comes with 18 (eighteen) programs, including 12 pre-set programs. A couple of these programs are user-defined, and another one is manual.

Finally, the computer doesn’t just monitor the usual speed, total time and distance, and total calories used up. It also includes the RPM, and it even keeps track of your heart rate and the body fat you’ve burned. The scan function displays all of these data in turn.

Exercise Bike Setup and storage

When you receive the Body Sculpture BC6510 Exercise Bike, you’ll have to assemble it. There’s no need to fret, however, since it’s quite easy and the instructions are clear on how to do it properly. You won’t have to enlist the help of a mate or waste too much time on setting it up.

Once you’re done with the assembly and done with your workout, you can just move it to a convenient storage space. It’s easy to do since it comes with transport wheels. It’s also very compact at only 87 cm long and 51 cm wide.

In fact, just about everything about the Body Sculpture BC6510 Exercise Bike is easy. It’s easy to figure out what kinds of exercises (and for how long and at what resistance) you should do in light of your fitness goals, since the programs are already included. The LCD gives you all the information you need to know, and it’s large enough to read easily while exercising. It’s even easy on the eyes as it comes in either grey or black.

When it comes to cardiovascular exercises and fitness workouts, this machine is among the easiest to work with. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t buy the Body Sculpture BC6510 Exercise Bike.