Reebok Dumbbell Set: Ready for Beginners

It’s easy to feel intimidated when you see all those buff people working out with all manners of strange equipment and lifting heavy barbells that look as if they literally weigh a ton. How can you compete with that? Even some dumbbells these days look as if they weigh as much as a person does. But that’s not the case with the Reebok Dumbbell Set.

The Reebok Dumbbell Set for beginners

With the Reebok Dumbbell Set, you can throw the word intimidation right out the window, and substitute the word enticing instead. You just need to take a glimpse of this equipment and you know that it’s not there to frighten you. These iron weights come in vinyl coating, but that’s not just to prevent the dumbbells from rusting. It also offers an alluring range of colours to gently encourage you to start exercising. When your weights come in yellow, light green, and pink, it’s easy to exercise with a smile on your face. It even comes in a storage case that’s coloured a very soothing blue. How can you be intimidated by that?

Contents of the dumbbell set Case

The contents of the Reebok Dumbbell Set are quite simple and basic. You have a couple of one-kilo dumbbells in light green, a pair of 2kg dumbbells in alluring pink, and finally a couple of 3kg dumbbells in cheerful yellow. They’re all properly labelled as well.

That’s it, and for a beginner that’s really all you need. You can now start toning your entire body with it. You can vastly improve the effectiveness of your workouts and boost the number of calories you burn.

And the cuteness of this equipment actually works if the thought of lifting weights is intimidating for you. For some people, being intimidated can prevent them from working out. That feeling of dread also stresses you out instead of relaxing you. With the utter cheerfulness of these dumbbells, you can now relax and you can set you mind at ease. In a way, these dumbbells encourage you to exercise much more regularly.

Exercise With Dumbbell sets On the Road

So if you’re just starting out, get the Reebok Dumbbell Set for yourself. You won’t be sorry. A great thing about these dumbbells is that they’re light enough so you can start your training properly, and you won’t risk overstraining yourself. There’s also nothing to adjust, no weights to transfer to and from the bars. They’re all solid, and there are just three pairs to choose from. Everything’s simple!

You can even get these even if you’re a serious fitness buff because you can just bring them along with you when you travel for extended periods. Whether you’re on a business trip or on a long vacation, it’s no trouble to bring these dumbbells along.

This dumbbell set is perfect for newbies, and it works well with fitness enthusiasts as well. With an exercise equipment that’s portable and looks really nice, you can’t go wrong with the Reebok Dumbbell Set.