Everlast EV-1102 Dumbbell Set Vinyl

So you’ve heed your friends’ advice about losing weight. Or maybe you’re a fitness junkie who wants to recommend a reputable dumbbell set for your friends. Either way, you need to get the 15kg Everlast EV-1102 Dumbbell Set. One look at the vinyl grey or black and you know it’s for a serious purpose.

What You’ll Get

Once you receive your package, the contents of your dumbbell set will include the following:

  • Four 1.25kg weight discs
  • Four 2.5kg weight discs
  • Two standard dumbbell bars
  • Four standard spinlock bar collars


First off, the vinyl doesn’t only look good, but it serves another purpose as well. The vinyl coat on the weights don’t make as much noise when you set them down, which makes it perfect when you exercise in an area where you may disturb some people.

The handles are plastic on the dumbbell set. This is actually quite comfortable to use and offers a very secure grip for your hands. There’s no reason to worry about the dumbbell slipping from your hands as you exercise. You also don’t need to bother about getting calluses and blisters on your hands that can seriously disrupt your workouts.

The weights are properly labelled with the weight size embossed on each disc, and they offer you a way to customize your training. The design of the dumbbell allows for an easy “slide on” and “slide off” of the weights, for a very convenient way to alter the load. This “easy come easy go” feature can save you from fumbling.

You also don’t have to think about the weights slipping off the bars accidentally. The thread design and the spinlock take care of that. It secures the weights in place firmly, so you can train with absolute confidence.


When it comes to versatility nothing beats a good set of dumbbells like the Everlast EV-1102 Dumbbell Set. This is especially true when you get a weight bench for your workouts.

  • You can do weighted crunches for your abs
  • Develop your chest with flat, inclined, and declining presses
  • Focus on your shoulders with upright rows and shoulder presses
  • Tone your biceps with curls
  • Develop your triceps with various types of extensions
  • Exercise your legs with lunges and deadlifts.
Once you feel that the 15kg total weight is no longer giving you enough resistance to help you progress, that doesn’t mean that this dumbbell set is no longer useful. You just add more weights to your set, as the dumbbell bars can accommodate a lot more. The dumbbell bars were made longer for this very purpose. This means that even if you get past the beginner stage and enter into more serious lifting territory, your Everlast EV-1102 Dumbbell Set will be there by your side helping you become stronger and more toned for the rest of your life.
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