Kettler Calypso 800 Cross Trainer

When it comes to rating the various models of cross trainers available for home use, many experts often include the Kettler Calypso 800 Cross Trainer elliptical machine. This awesome piece of gym equipment can do whatever you can reasonably ask of any cross trainer—and then some.

Kettler Calypso 800 Cross Trainer Strength and Durability

Like any other piece of gym equipment that’s been properly designed for a home, the space it occupies is quite small. It’s only 140 cm long and 60 cm wide. Yet it comes with a 14-kilo flywheel and the entire contraption weighs a hefty 53 kilos, which is why it’s recommended that you assemble it where you want to put it.

Once the assembly is complete (that won’t last long as the instructions are quite clear), what you have is a cross trainer that lasts for years and is rated for people who weigh as much as 20.4 stone. For people outside the UK, that’s 130 kilos or 287 pounds. There’s also a warranty that most other models can’t match, as it is three years for parts and labour.

Cross Trainer Resistance Levels

When you step into the non-slip adjustable pedals, you are well on your way to a fitter body. As you progress in your fitness development, you’ll need stronger resistance so that you can adjust your workouts accordingly. While many other cross trainer models offer an adequate 8 levels of resistance, the Kettler Calypso 800 Cross Trainer elliptical machine gives you 16 levels (yes you read that right) to work with. You have no worries that you won’t be challenged anymore as you progress in your development.

Cross Trainer Programs

The Kettler Calypso 800 Cross Trainer elliptical machine is preloaded with 12 programs that you can use in order to achieve your specific goals. There are programs for toning the muscles, for example, and others are for weight loss.

The computer also keeps tab on your heart rate with the integrated pulse receiver used for super-accurate measurement. Your heart rate can control the type of workout you get, and it can vary so that you are constantly motivated to continue.

The LCD console

The computer takes note of all the usual data you’ll need to know, such as the time, distance, etc. When you’re done, safety issues are also addressed as everything comes to a stop with the motor-controlled magnetic brake system. You can program up to 4 specific set-ups for your customised workouts. This makes the Kettler Calypso 800 Cross Trainer elliptical machine absolutely ideal for the whole family if each member has a favourite workout.

So if you’re serious about exercising and you want to do it in the comfort of your own home, the Kettler Calypso 800 Cross Trainer should be considered. The numerous resistance levels and pre-set programs, along with all the other features virtually ensure that you’ll get all the benefits you can receive when you step on to the machine.

With this cross trainer in your home, you get to keep your body fit and trim for many years to come.