JTX Variable Elliptical Cross Trainer

There are many reasons why, among the many cross trainers for home use available on the market today, the JTX Smart Stride 21 Variable Elliptical Cross Trainer is perhaps one of the most popular and the most critically acclaimed by customers. It seems no one has anything bad to say about it at all! While other models are good—some may even be great—this one does many things better than the others. There’s even one particular feature that most other models don’t have at all and we’ll get to that in a bit.

JTX Elliptical Cross Trainer Features

  1. Variable stride length. Let’s start right away with its most unique feature: the variable stride length. Any responsible buying guide for home cross trainers makes sure to note that buyers check the stride length of the machine. For example, one cross trainer may offer a 12-inch stride, while another will have an 18-inch stride length.

But the JTX Smart Stride 21 Variable Elliptical Cross Trainer uses a patented design that allows you to choose from 5 different settings from 17 inches to 21 inches. The higher settings resemble more of a running stride than a walking one, and that offers more considerable calorie burning and cardio results. With the choice of stride length settings, you can then pick the setting that’s closest to your natural stride for the program you’ve chosen.

  1. Pre-set programs. There are twelve programs in all to choose from, and that’s more than sufficient for any type of cross trainer. Some programs will be specific to your fitness goal in mind (you want to get rid of fat in specific parts of your body, for example, or your doctor ordered you to engage in serious cardio workouts). Four of the programs will depend on your current heart rate. The computer on board the JTX Smart Stride 21 can also accommodate up to 5 user customised programs.
  2. Robust design. Large men can use this contraption everyday for years, and that’s not going to be a problem at all. The quality is absolutely superb, and it’s rated for a maximum user weight of 160 kilos. It feels like something that a commercial gym can actually have a use for. It won’t rock or creak even with vigorous activity, and the movement is also very smooth. It’s very quiet, which can be a relief when you exercise early in the morning, or in an apartment with thin walls and a very unpleasant neighbour.

But at the same time, it is also quite compact and it occupies very little space. This is a mandatory feature for any practical exercise equipment for home use. It is only 140 cm long and 63 cm wide.

  1. Excellent customer service. Customers are also pleasantly surprised at just how efficient and polite the manufacturer’s customer service representatives are. Online anecdotes abound of how customers find a problem and contact the customer service department, and the problem is diagnosed in less than an hour, a replacement is arranged, and sometimes even engineers are sent to verify that the end result is perfect!
For all these reasons, the Kettler Smart Stride 21 Variable Elliptical Cross Trainer has become a favourite exercise machine among a great number of people today. Buy one for yourself, and see the results and benefits that many others are already enjoying.