JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer

If you’re used to exercising with a commercial cross trainer in your gym, you may find some cross trainers for home use a bit of a let-down. While they may give you a no-frills exercise, more often than not you may find yourself wishing for all the features that a gym-quality cross trainer provides.

In addition, a gym cross trainer is built for durability due to the expected heavy usage, and some cross trainers for home use are so flimsy they start to malfunction within just a few months of use.

But if you truly want the utter convenience of having your own cross trainer at home, you don’t have to forego all the features you’ve become accustomed to from your gym equipment. Simply take a closer look at the JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer, and you’ll find the answer to your problem.

Cross Trainer Design and Durability

Its compact size indicates that the JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer is indeed for home use as it measures only 127 cm long and 74 cm wide. It can fit even in a small home. But that conveniently small frame belies its sturdy build. It can be used by those who weigh as much as 25 stone, when other similar models can handle only people who weigh 17 stone at the most. The superb quality of the construction offers many years of service. As proof of its confidence, the manufacturer offers two years of full service warranty.

Using the JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer

This particular cross trainer comes with an 18-inch stride, and you have 3 levels of incline to work with. This allows you to get an excellent cardio workout even as you progress in your fitness level. You can also target problematic areas such as the bum and the upper thighs where extra fat just won’t go away when you use other types of gym equipment.

You’ll also be provided with precise instructions on achieving your fitness goals, and the built-in computer is already loaded with pre-set programs designed to do exactly what you had in mind. There are programs for toning your muscles, for cardio purposes, and for just burning fat. You can use the heart rate monitor to control the program, or you can personalise your own program on the computer.

Monitoring Your Cross Training Progress

Other cross trainers monitor the basics, such as the time, distance, speed, and perhaps even the calories burned. But the JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer will tell you your pulse and RPM, calculate your body mass index, and monitor your body fat and heart rate recovery.

So if you’re torn between the convenience of a basic cross trainer for home use versus the utter dependability and efficiency of a gym cross trainer, just remember that you can have the best of both worlds. With the JTX Hill-Stride Incline Cross Trainer, you can have a gym-quality piece of machinery, which can provide you many health benefits and you also have all the convenience of just having it at home for you to use any time.