Using Treadmills to Be Fit

Exercise equipment such as treadmills are a big part of maintaining overall fitness. If you want to be fit and healthy, it’s important to have a regular workout routine that you can really take seriously. It’s not just enough to go with the latest fad diet, you have to make sure exercise is weaved into your lifestyle and you get enough physical activity. Overall fitness is greatly affected by how often you exercise, which is why knowing how to get the equipment is just as important as exercising.


Advantages of Owning a Treadmill


People normally find treadmills when they go to the gym because it’s a piece of equipment that gives you a good cardiovascular workout when you need it. Basically a machine that allows you to walk or run in place, a treadmill allows you to do these two exercises without having to physically go miles away from where you are.


These are the advantages of having your own treadmill:


  • Indoor workouts – If you own a treadmill, you get to have a cardio workout in the safety and convenience of your own home, while watching your favourite TV show or movie. Factors like the gloomy weather or scorching heat will no longer affect your ability to walk or run for miles.
  • Automatic terrain adjustment – Because of how technology has modernized treadmills, you can even control factors like speed and elevation (as if you were running in a steep hill). The treadmill can even program your workout to maximise cardiovascular fitness and keep your heart rate going, mimicking the terrain of rolling hills and such.
  • Measurable factors – Having a steady treadmill at home can help you accurately measure how many calories you’ve burned and how much distance you’ve covered. You can plot the number of minutes you spend exercising, and you can also measure your heart rate.


Different Types of Treadmill


There are basically two types of treadmills available in the market today:


  1. Manual – A manual treadmill allows you to walk and run in place but the belt won’t move by itself. You have to manually push it with your feet as you walk and run. This means that you fully control the speed and you’re not going after any machine.
  2. Motorised – An automatic or motorised treadmill on the other hand will move by itself, and all you have to do is keep up. You can program your workout regimen depending on what you want to achieve, and the treadmill can automatically adjust the speed and incline based on how you programmed it before you begin your workout.


Tips When Buying


Before buying a treadmill, you have to make sure that you’re getting good value for your money. First you have to decide based on its physical appearance. You have to consider how big the treadmill is and whether or not you have space for it. Then you have to decide based on its capability. Does it have incline options? How fast can it go? How many workout routines are pre-programmed into it? These treadmills come with a variety of extra features, so you have to look into that as well.
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