Home Multigyms

There are many reasons why home multigyms have become very popular. The first reason has to do with being practical


  • This specially assembled exercise equipment is comparatively cheaper compared to buying separate fitness and bodybuilding machines or equipment.


Another reason has to do with convenience.


  • Having a home multigym lets people exercise freely without regard for time constraints.


  • Since you are exercising at home, you will have no competitors for the use of the equipment, unless other members of your household want to literally muscle in into your exercise schedule. In which case, it wouldn’t really be a bad scenario, because a healthy household is a happy household!


The third reason has to do with aesthetics.


  • This gym equipment is compact and can fit nicely in available corner spaces inside a house of average dimensions. That being the case, there is no need to worry about stumbling over scattered pieces of equipment.


  • Nor is there much chance of misplacing any part of the equipment because basically, the parts of the multigym are either all bolted in or chained to the main framework (a.k.a. station) of the machine.


But the most important reason has to do with versatility. Home multigyms are the kind of equipment that can:


  • Tone your body
  • Build muscle mass
  • Prevent exercise boredom from settling in
  • Inspire you to aim for a more comprehensive workout, targeting not just a solitary group of muscles, but plenty of other muscle groups depending on which part of the home multigym you will use


Get Familiar With Your Home Multigym


When you first see home multigyms, the metal framework is what will initially call your attention. You will notice that there is a padded space to sit on, in the centre. Behind the station is where the stack of weight plates is located. These weight plates provide the resistance needed during your workout.  A small and slim metal bar lets you increase or decrease the weights, depending on how demanding you want your exercise routine to go.


At the front of the framework are the leg extensions. These are also padded for comfort. You use the leg extensions to primarily work your leg muscles, and secondarily, your feet. Hanging from the top of the framework, you’ll find a lat pull, also known as a lat bar. This is connected to the weights stack at the back. You pull the bar, and then relax your pull, and pull it back to exercise your upper arms and shoulders.


At the sides of the framework or station are the press arms of home multigyms. You move each arm in unison towards your chest, and then move the arms back to the sides repeatedly, to give your chest and upper body a workout. Two levers below the press arms, is the pec deck. It is named that way because it is used for exercising the pectorals.


Although at first glance, a home multigym may look complicated, you will find as you keep on using it, that it is actually one very enjoyable machine that allows you to exercise as much of your muscles as you want.


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